A New Month, A New Year: Time to Declutter!

cleaning lady with dusterGet Organized

For me, January has always been the time to get organized and declutter, and what better way is there to start the New Year than cleaning out the junk that has accumulated throughout the past months. Once the holiday decorations have been put up, it’s time to straighten closets and drawers, discarding items that have not been used in the last year or so.

If you find articles in your closet that have been shoved aside and not worn, perhaps it is time to take them to a thrift store, local charity or church of your choosing. I always find this easier to do if I think about someone else who may need what I have not used in months (or years). I’ve also enlisted the help of friends in the past to help me declutter. Not only do we have a good laugh while going through my wardrobe of yesteryear, but it’s also helpful to have an objective person who is not emotionally attached to “my favorite jeans that no longer fit.” This helps me weed out when I am having a hard time saying goodbye.

Invest in Good Hangers

For clothes closets, invest in some good hangers. I love the slim velvet hangers for shirts and dresses, as they seem to give you more room and prevent slippage. I opt for one color for all closets as it give a sense of order. I use wooden hangers for dress pants and prefer to fold jeans and sweaters, keeping them on a shelf or in a drawer. Keep like items together and sorted by color. It’s amazing how sorting tops and bottoms by color can be more visually calming than having them all mixed together, and it saves time when you go to choose an outfit.

Although I have to do the sorting (clothes, linens, kitchen items, toys, etc.), I have used a housekeeper on many occasions to clean drawers, cabinets and closets of dust and debris. These areas are often overlooked, but get dirty just like every other area in the house and still need attention a couple times a year.

Take Your Time

If these tasks seem overwhelming, tackle one room or closet at a time. Get your kids involved. I feel it is a great life lesson for them to realize that others may need what they are not utilizing. And when your best items are put neatly back in a clean drawer, shelf, or dust free closet, you will be pleased with the organized look and life will be simpler when things can be found instantly. Give it a try!

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